Auto Accident Injury

Auto Accident Injury Treatment Provided by a Wichita Falls, TX, Chiropractor

An auto accident injury can have you missing work. You might not be able to take care of yourself. You might be missing out on activities you enjoy as you recover, even if it's a mild injury.


At Chiropractic Associates, serving Wichita Falls, TX, and the nearby region, we realize that no matter whether it's mild or severe, back pain, neck pain, or other issues that can occur after a car accident can interfere with your life. Our job as your chiropractic practitioner is to get you back into life and help you recover as much as possible.

Common Auto Accident Injuries

One of the most well-known auto injuries is whiplash. With this issue, you may experience neck pain, as well as weakness, numbness, tingling, or a burning sensation that may radiate from the neck down one or both arms. You might have various other symptoms as well, such as  headaches and tinnitus.

Back injuries are also common in a car accident. These can occur when there's force that impacts your spine during the car accident. It could cause subluxations, or you may even stress the soft tissue. These are only a few examples.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Injuries

A chiropractor on our team will carefully assess you after an auto accident injury. We'll ask you questions about the injury and your symptoms, if you have any. We'll also provide an examination to search for any issues affecting your musculoskeletal system. Sometimes, when you see us early after the accident, we may be able to diagnose the problem before symptoms arise.

Once we have an understanding of your injury and the extent of it, a chiropractor on our team will provide you with a treatment approach for your specific problem. It may consist of spinal adjustments. With this treatment, we correct any misalignments of the spine that could be causing nervous system symptoms, such as pain and numbness. Keep in mind that we can adjust both the neck and back.

Another treatment approach we may take is exercise therapy. Sometimes, this is used alone or along with other treatments. Our goal with exercise therapy is to help you heal to the best of your ability to regain as much flexion and function as possible.

Get Chiropractic Care from a Chiropractor on Our Team for Back Pain and Neck Pain

Chiropractic Associates, serving Wichita Falls, TX, and the neighboring communities, would like you to know that these are only some of what we can do if you have back pain or neck pain after a car accident. We can treat other musculoskeletal problems as well and can use treatments not listed above. Book an appointment with us today by calling (940) 228-4848.